Emad was influenced by Werner Herzog, Wim Wenders from the German cinema, and François Truffaut from the French cinema, and Vittorio Storaro, Janusz Kaminski from the world, and US cinemas. He established L.A. Color Studio, in 1987, which produced many music videos, short educational, industrial, and documentaries. As the digital revolution swept the industry, Emad studied and learned many of the cornerstones of editing, digital photography, digital cinematography, lighting, computer networking, and many aspects of production. This enabled him to merge many technologies to make short cuts in post production and facilitate smoother teamwork amongst all cast and crew involved.

Emad has developed a style that has been passed on to his understudies, and assistants, which depends on capturing the Decisive Moment without having to motorize the still camera. This means that as a cameraman he has to anticipate the subject’s action and releases the shutter thousandth of a second earlier than the desired moment. The end result is a perpetual feeling of action that’s just happened or about to happen. On-the-other-hand in film Emad believes in anonymity and making the camera unseen by the audience, The camera moves only as required by the director or the character’s actions. The frame is the window that lets the audience in but not to add an unwanted meaning that’s not required by the director, or not in the screenplay.

Currently, Emad is directing, and editing a documentary series called Still in the Game about important figures in their own fields that have lived through many changes and instead of retiring, they remain active and well respected in their fields.

Recently, he has just finished being DP one the film The C Gate that premiered in Cannes Film Festival in May 2013.


In 2014, Emad shot and directed “Duality” which was written by Sarah Lynn Dawson, and narrated by Dr. Deepak Chopra. The film Duality was hailed as visual poetry by the HUFF POST

Currently, Emad is involved in these projects:
1. Still in the Game. Director.
2. Duality, a completed project.
3. Welcome To Fresno, in development.
4. Awaken (The Trilogy).
5. The Wedding Photographer, screenplay writer.

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